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Brush Coating in Fenway, MA

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Fenway, Massachusetts Brush Coating

With modern technology and advancements in sewer repair techniques, restoring broken and damaged pipes is a much less invasive and affordable process than it was in the past. Brush coating is a contemporary technique that is used to rehabilitate pipes of any material and diameter, and at New England Pipe Restoration, we are proud to offer this service to our customers in Fenway.

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The Process of Brush Coating

During our process of brush coating, we use specialized machinery that is placed into the plumbing drains of your housing or commercial building. Generally, we will recommend this procedure if our initial inspection of your pipes reveals that the pipes are:

  • Discolored or stained pipes that are exposed to the elements
  • Pipes with pits or other textural differences
  • Flaking pipes
  • Rust flakes can be found in the water supply
  • The water supply is discolored with hues of black, brown, or red
  • Green corrosion can be found inside of copper pipes
  • Extensive leaking within the house or business

First, the original pipes are prepared for coating by our skilled technicians. We clean out your pipes with grinding chains and then flush with water and dry them. If you work in a restaurant or business that creates a buildup of fats, oils or grease in your pipelines we may use a degreaser as well. Afterward, a grinding panel is run through the pipe to roughen the surface if needed so that our coating will bind correctly.

Once that is completed, the coating itself is prepared and a coating pipe with brushes and a video camera is inserted into your pipe system. This allows us to have full control over the coating itself to ensure every inch of the pipe is covered. As the brush coating process starts, we ensure it is coating the pipes evenly with the brush. Our professional team will then carefully inspect and ensure that it covers your pipes completely to an average thickness of 1 millimeter. This process is repeated every four hours with multiple coats, which number depends on the pipe size. Generally, four or five coats are placed on large pipes, and two to three for smaller sizes. This is done to ensure that our protective coating will last for many years and not wear down anytime soon.

This process is much more preferable to relining or digging up pipes, which can be costly and take a lot more time to finish. Using our brush coating method, we not only can coat an entire piping system but small parts or corners of pipelines depending on your needs. We use a high-performance pipe coating that is resistant to corrosion. This is very important as it is only a matter of time before pipes have to be repaired or replaced if they are left without protective coatings. With this method, your worries of reparation can be put at ease once and for all.

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