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Pipe Bursting

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When you think of pipes bursting, you probably think of bad news. While a burst pipe usually

means you’re at risk for flooding and water damage, controlled pipe bursting in Worcester MA, can actually be a very good thing that can save you time, money and the need for messy excavation work.

What Is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is the process of purposefully bursting damaged pipes in a controlled manner. This is done to make room for replacement pipes. While traditional pipe replacement and care services are usually done by excavating a sewer system, our pipe bursting solutions utilize trenchless technology, meaning we can handle pipe bursting and replacement without having to dig.

What is the Pipe Bursting Process?

Before any pipe bursting takes place, our team will evaluate your pipes through a video inspection to see the degree of damage that has taken place. We’ll provide you with a full report and go over your options to help you make the right choice for your property.

Our pipe lining services rely on trenchless technology to access underground pipes, break them apart from the inside, and then install new pipes in the existing space. This results in less mess and a more efficient experience overall. If additional excavation is required, we go out of our way to minimize disruptions and downtime for your property and its plumbing.

What Issues Can Pipe Bursting Address?

Pipe bursting can address a number of plumbing and sewage pipe issues, including:

  • Damaged pipes that need to be removed
  • Missing pipe sections
  • Situations where it makes more sense to replace than to repair
  • Pipe repair jobs that need to be completed without excavation

What Are the Benefits of Pipe Bursting?

Below are some of the benefits of pipe bursting when facing sewer and drain pipe issues:

  • Work can be completed without the need for digging
  • New pipes can be installed laterally
  • Increases water flow efficiency
  • Reduces the potential for flooding and property damage

Why Choose New England Pipe Restoration?

Pipe bursting is a complex service that needs to be carried out by trained professionals. At New England Pipe Restoration, our team of experienced sewer and pipe experts is equipped with the latest in trenchless technology and training to ensure your home or business receives the best level of care. We also provide ongoing training opportunities to our experts so that they can deliver advanced services quickly and reliably in the Worcester community.

Contact New England Pipe Restoration for Pipe Bursting Solutions

If you’re dealing with sewer pipes that demand attention, let New England Pipe Restoration handle the hard work for you without the mess and expense of traditional excavation. Our pipe bursting and replacement specialists are available right now in Worcester, MA to serve your needs. Schedule your appointment today.

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