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Collapsed Pipe Repair

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When you have problems with your sewer lines, it can lead to collapsed pipes. Collapsed pipes causes your New England sewer and drain system to not allow them to flow as they should. Many things can lead to a collapsed pipe, but what is most important is that you have it diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. If collapsed pipes are not treated professionally, it could cause unnecessary damage to your property that could be easily taken care of by our experienced professionals at New England Pipe Restoration.

Most Common Causes of New England Collapsed Pipes

The cause we tend to see the most when it comes to collapsed pipes is tree roots. When a tree grows near an underground pipe, the roots expand towards any source of water. Since the pipes will create moisture as liquid passes through them that is any different temperature than the surrounding soil, the tree instinctually heads towards the moist pipes. The roots then seek out joints where more water is likely to be present, and they push their way in as the tree continues to grow. This lets more water out, which leads to soil erosion, and eventually causes a collapsed pipe.

Pipes that have become misaligned in their time under the soil can also lead to a collapsed pipe. The difference in pressure on the different parts of the pipe can lead to weak spots in the pipe. Plus, misaligned pipes often leak water, leading to the same soil erosion problem as pipes with root incursion.

Aging pipes can also struggle with collapsing. This is because the integrity of the pipe is no longer what it once was. It can also be from a material that was used around the time of WWII. Pipes were not always made of metal. In fact, when metal became necessary for the war efforts, pipes were made out of tar paper for quite some time. These pipes are getting old and degrading, which can lead to pipe collapse.

Collapsed Pipe NE Pipe Repair

How to Tell if You Have a Collapsed Pipe

If you are worried you may have a collapsed pipe in your New England home or business, it is important to be able to tell as quickly as possible. When more than one of your drains is not draining properly, this is a sign of a problem. You may also have sewage back up into your sink, toilet, or bathtub if it cannot go down the sewer line due to a collapse. If you suspect a pipe collapsed, call us. We will come out, use our cameras to inspect the pipes, and work out the best possible solution to get your plumbing back in working order.

New England Pipe Restoration Can Help with Collapsed Pipe Repairs

When we suspect a collapsed pipe, the first thing we usually do is inspect the pipe with a camera. However, if the area is blocked, we may need to clean the pipe out first. Then, we will inspect the area and see which method will best repair the collapsed pipe. We can use pipe lining to pull a new lining into place, using the old collapsed pipe as a guide. Alternatively, we can also use Pipe Bursting , which pushes all of the old pipe out of the way as it pulls a new pipe into place, effectively replacing your old pipe at the same time. We offer the best pipe replacement services in Massachusetts, Main, or Vermont. When you need collapsed pipe repairs, call on the experience plumbing professionals here at New England Pipe Restoration. We are here to help any time you need us.

New England Collapsed Pipe Repair

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