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Sewer Lateral Lining

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The inner lining of your sewer and drain pipes probably isn’t at the top of your list of favorite things to think about, but at New England Pipe Restoration, we’re always thinking of ways to help secure and restore pipe linings. Our team uses advanced sewer lateral lining trenchless technology and techniques to access hard-to-reach places in your plumbing system to address damage, corrosion, and more. We can restore and re-line pipes to improve efficiency and extend service life.

What Makes Sewer Lateral Lining Different?

Lateral access means that we don’t have to do a lot of digging to service the insides of your pipes. Using a single access point and video camera inspection, we can reach deep into sewer systems and drain pipes to evaluate their condition. If we find any signs of damage, we utilize trenchless lining solutions like UV curing and cured-in-place piping to renew pipe linings for improved function and efficiency.

What is the Sewer Lateral Lining Process?

We always provide our customers with a consultation and evaluation prior to any lining service. In most cases, we utilize video line inspection tools to examine the condition of pipe linings so our team can know exactly what solutions to recommend.

We do this using lateral entry, meaning we often don’t need to dig to access your pipe system. Depending on what we find, you’ll be provided with lining options to repair damaged pipe lining, restore it to like-new condition or replace the lining altogether using solutions like Formadrain.

What Issues Can Sewer Lateral Lining Address?

Sewer lateral lining services can solve a number of common pipe lining problems including:

  • Linings that have been corroded or damaged
  • Water flow that has slowed
  • Water that is backing up into drains and pooling around your perimeter
  • Pipes that have warped and become deranged

The Benefits of Sewer Lateral Lining

Although the real benefit of sewer lateral lining services is that it doesn’t require messy and expensive excavation of your sewer system, it also provides:

  • Advance notice of potential problems before they become dangerous
  • The ability to mitigate the potential for flooding
  • Improved flow and drainage

A more efficient pipe lining replacement experience compared to traditional excavation

Why Choose New England Pipe Restoration?

Homeowners and business owners turn to New England Pipe Restoration for sewer lateral lining in Leominster, MA, and other solutions because our team always delivers a stellar experience. We’re known in the area for reliable service and attention to detail, and your total satisfaction is guaranteed. Our pipe lining experts understand that you can’t wait around for service, so we’re available 24 hours a day to serve you, including on weekends.

Contact Our Team for Reliable Services

From sewer pipe relining to trenchless pipe repair, we’ve got you covered. To schedule your appointment for sewer lateral lining services, contact the sewer and pipe experts at New England Pipe Restoration.

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