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Sewer Replacement

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Over time, your sewer system can experience damage, corrosion, and other problems that may reduce its efficiency and even lead to the potential for flooding and health risks. When these problems strike, you could be looking at expensive repairs and serious disruptions to your property.

Thankfully, you can take care of these issues before they become a big deal when you partner with New England Pipe Restoration for sewer replacement services in Leominster, MA. We specialize in repairing and replacing sewer pipes, and we can design a customized plan of action to address your sewer issues.

When is Sewer Replacement Needed?

Sewer replacement is often the best choice when repairs would be cost-prohibitive or inefficient. Some sewer problems get so bad that you’re going to spend more on repairs in the long run, so replacement is the better choice. This can be the case when you’ve experienced ongoing corrosion or misalignment of your sewer pipes. Our team can evaluate your property and its pipes to help you make the choice that’s best for your needs.

What is Involved in The Process?

Our sewer line replacement solutions always start with a comprehensive evaluation of your property and its pipe network. In some cases, we may recommend pipe lining or repair services instead of replacement. Our team can provide an evaluation of your sewer system using an advanced video inspection to let you know your options.

If replacement makes sense, we can handle most tasks using trenchless techniques. This means less digging and less disruptions on your property. In some situations, we can take advantage of pipe bursting to get rid of old lines and replace them with new ones. Your situation is unique to your property, but you’ll always be provided with all available options to make an informed decision.

What Issues Can Sewer Replacement Address?

If sewer replacement in Leominster, MA, is right for you, the process can often address:

  • Damaged and corroded pipes
  • Frequent leaks and flooding
  • Inefficient water flow and drainage problems
  • Pressure issues with improper pipe fittings

What Are the Benefits?

Trenchless sewer line replacement provides a number of benefits to both commercial and residential properties, including:

  • Reduced need for excavation
  • Lateral entry provides access to more pipes faster
  • Pipe bursting and other techniques can remove damaged lines fast
  • Trenchless installation means less disruption to your property

Work With the New England Pipe Restoration Team

New England Pipe Restoration offers both residential and commercial pipe replacement services in Leominster, MA, and we’ve been the trusted choice in the area for fast, reliable service. Our team of experts cares about the safety and well-being of your property, and we work fast and with minimal disruption to get sewer lines replaced using trenchless technology.

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