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Corroded Pipes

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When a pipe begins to wear out, this is typically referred to as corrosion. Corrosion happens as the result of one of three factors. Either the material that your pipe is made of is a problem, how often your plumbing gets used is a problem, or the environment around your pipes is a problem. Any of these forces can combine and cause problems for your New England pipes, leading to corrosion and pipe cracks.

Determining if any of your pipes are under what is commonly called corrosive stress, you need to make sure to get your pipes checked regularly. This can be done through a pipe camera inspection, or even by testing your water. Cracked pipes often have higher sedimentation rates and lower water pressure than pipes that are still intact. The best way to know for sure is to call in experienced plumbers to check, like the ones you will find here at New England Pipe Restoration.

Causes of Corroded Pipes in Most New England Properties

There are many combinations of stressors that could lead you to having cracked and corroded pipes. Some of the most common combinations of problems include: * Seawater mixing with aluminum * Ammonia vapor coming in contact with copper * Sodium nitrate and steel * Lead acetate and lead

Since these are known problems, they are able to be prevented. However, they were not always known. If your property was built up before preventative measures were taken, you could wind up needing cracked pipe repair to restore your plumbing. Another factor that could lead to a corroded pipe is a clog. Most people think of clogs as something that will just stop water and debris from passing. However, they can do more damage than that. When standing water sits on a pipe, it can also increase corrosion. In addition, when your pipes are clogged it can have extra pressure put on it from plunging, which can also lead to cracks and corrosion in your pipes.

New England Corroded Pipes

Signs You Have Corroded Pipes

If you notice either of these signs, you need to make sure to call us right away, as your pipes are likely corroded and may already be cracked. If your sinks go from being clean to having hard water or rust stains, this is likely due to corrosion. You may also see different color staining in your sinks, or on your dishes. When your water begins to change flavor, that can also point to corrosion. Typically, you will notice a sweeter taste. This often means copper, but it could also mean lead, so you need to make sure to get your water tested immediately for safety purposes.

New England Pipe Restoration Can Fix Corroded Pipes in the New England Area

At New England Pipe Restoration, we can fix your corroded pipes through inspection, Cleaning, repair, and replacement services. We have both traditional and trenchless options when it comes to correcting your cracked pipes. Call us today and we will send our experienced technicians to your property in a timely manner. They can inspect your pipes, and explain what needs to be done to correct your corroded pipe problem. Contact our team to speak to one of our friendly and informative office assistance to schedule an appointment for your property today.

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