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Video Pipe Inspection

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Video Pipe Inspection in Boston, MA, and Surrounding Areas

Sewer drains shouldn’t make weird noises. Normally, you should only hear the sound of water flowing out into the main line and that’s it. But if there is a problem, you’ll hear gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet or the kitchen sink. These symptoms can mean different sewer line issues. How would residential and commercial property owners know the exact reason for their sewer lines acting up? A sewer camera inspection is a good place to start.

We proudly offer our sewer camera inspection services to the following locations and their surrounding areas:

  • Cambridge, MA
  • Lexington, MA
  • Malden, MA
  • Medford, MA
  • Waltham, MA
  • Maynard, MA

Don’t think twice about giving us a call if you need any of the following:

What Happens During an Inspection?

Our sewer camera is excellent for accurate visual inspections because the video feed is crystal clear and full color. It is mounted onto a flexible fiber optic cable, which is then inserted into your sewer system through your existing cleanout. Our technicians will walk you through the inspection in real-time, explaining what’s really going on inside your pipes. 

New England Pipe Restoration Sewer Camera Inspection Services

A sewer camera inspection is arguably the best way to find out what’s causing your pipes to leak, back up or smell, and to find out exactly where the repair should be done. Here, you’ll be able to determine whether you have a bellied, offset, or blocked sewer pipe. You can clearly see where the roots have intruded and cracked your pipes, or how the mud accumulated and caused a severe flow impediment.

Trenchless technology is the wave of the future. Why opt for the traditional way when you can have an easier time and spend less with this new sewer technology?

Sewer Camera Inspections Can Determine the Following:

  • It can tell you if pipe lining is the most suitable solution and if a cured-in-place pipe or another no-dig sewer repair is viable.
  • It’s a precursor to cleaning your sewer lines via hydro-jetting, which eliminates calcified buildup, debris, and roots.

A sewer camera inspection determines whether or not the technician will need to dig a second small hole at the end of the problem pipe for trenchless repair or replacement purposes. The good news is that you won’t have to dig up your whole yard to get the sewer repair done the traditional way.

The equipment also takes a recording for future reference. Once the inspection is done, the technicians typically present a copy of the video for future references. This footage includes helpful information that will allow New England Pipe Restoration to determine the best possible solution for your pipe restoration project. New England Pipe Restoration is a trenchless contractor you can trust. Call us for professional sewer camera inspection services, and see how we can help solve your most pressing sewer line problems.

It is not always easy to tell when a sewer needs to be repaired or replaced. It may be that there is simply a clog too far down for the plumber’s snake to reach. On the other hand, your sewer might be so far gone that it needs to be replaced entirely.

The only way to know for sure what needs to be done is with a video pipe inspection. This allows us to see everything going on with your sewer line in great detail. If there is a clog we will be able to see it, then use tools to help clear the clog away so that you don’t have any future problems. If there is a tree root growing through the line, we will be able to see that so that we can address a repair.

If your sewer line is decayed, broken or breaking, or rusting out, you will need a sewer replacement. All of these issues can usually be handled using trenchless sewer repair methods for quick and inexpensive repair.

How a Video Pipe Inspection Works

To perform a video pipe inspection in Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas we will first have to create an access point to the sewer line. This is a small hole about 3 feet in diameter that will give us access to the line. We will then open up the line to access it and send it through a fiber optic cable with the camera attached. The images from the video on the cable are transmitted to a monitor on the outside of the sewer line. We can see in real-time what is going on with the sewer line and determine where the problem is.

If we need to do a cleaning of the sewer line we can do so using the same access point, so you don’t have to worry about additional damage to your landscaping. If a more in-depth repair is required we might have to create another access point at the other end of the affected line. If a sewer replacement is necessary we can likely do it using the same two access points with trenchless technology.

New EnglandVideo Pipe Inspection

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