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UV Curing

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UV Curing for Your Pipe Lining Needs in Boston, MA, and Surrounding Areas

Dealing with sewer pipe issues is never easy, so be sure to speak with New England Pipe Restoration. We are the premier pipe lining company in Massachusetts and nearby areas. We strive to provide our clients with unmatched customer service and to setting the standard for high-quality pipe rehabilitation. Now, New England Pipe Restoration is raising the bar once again by offering the latest in eco-friendly pipe lining technology.

Understanding UV Curing

UV cured-in-place liners use state-of-the-art lining technology.  After the liner is inserted into the host pipe, a cluster of high-power ultra-violet LEDs triggers a chemical reaction turning the resin impregnated felt into an ultra-strong cured-in-place pipe. 

The UV Curing Process

While trenchless pipe lining methods are already considered fast and efficient, UV curing is simply a cut above the rest, able to be cured for just over an hour. The procedure relies on factory-impregnated fiberglass resin laminates that form a complete lining within minutes and cures for just an hour’s time. We insert the liner into the pipe, which we then inflated with air. UV lights are run through the pipe, thus curing the resin.

The Main Benefits of UV Curing

UV cured-in-place liners offer a host of advantages over traditional thermally or ambient cured processes. UV curing in Boston, MA, and surrounding areas is safer, more environmentally friendly, and is digitally controlled and monitored every step of the way.  

Safety is a top priority at New England Pipe Restoration. We pride ourselves on minimizing hazards. Unlike thermally cured epoxies, UV curing does not require high-pressure steam and hot boilers to thermally cure a liner. This reduces the risk of injury to our clients and our team.

UV curing resins come in a single part vinyl ester resin.  The resin is water-soluble eliminates any waste that can occur during the wet-out process.  It also allows us to switch from single-use plastic buckets to reusable 5-gallon pails. New England Pipe Restoration’s carbon footprint is getting slashed!

The UV system allows the trained technicians to continually visually monitor the liner as it is curing. If there is a problem the crew can immediately pause the curing method and address any issue that may arise. A benefit that was not an option in the past. 

Contact New England Pipe Restoration for UV Curing

If you are tired of dealing with the mess and frustration due to broken, rotted, or root infiltrated pipes, be sure to give New England Pipe Restoration a call. We have been a part of the local New England community for over 20 years, and we provide all of our clients with the most efficient procedures. All of our industry-leading pipe lining systems come with a 10-year warranty and a 50-year life expectancy, and we are accredited under the Better Business Bureau. Call our team today or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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