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Sewer Lateral Lining

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The Leader in Sewer Lateral Lining in Worcester, MA

If you’re dealing with damaged or corroded pipe linings in your plumbing and sewer system, New England Pipe Restoration is the name to trust. We specialize in trenchless pipe lining services, including cured-in-place pipe lining, UV curing, and sewer lateral lining in Worcester, MA. We service both residential and commercial properties and we’re available when you need us, 24 hours a day.

What Makes Sewer Lateral Lining Different?

Traditional sewer pipe services often require excavation. While this process may be effective, it’s inefficient and can turn your landscape into a huge mess. This process can also be disruptive to your property, and the entire process can take a long time depending on the complexity of the pipe network.

Sewer lateral lining services allow access to underground pipe networks using existing drain openings. This means that pipe linings can be inspected and serviced without the need for digging in most cases, and repairs and replacements can also be handled using the lateral approach.

What is the Sewer Lateral Lining Process?

Sewer lateral allows our team to complete difficult jobs with ease. Instead of having to break out heavy digging equipment, we can usually access pipe networks deep underground from a single access point. We then use video camera inspection technology to snake through your pipes to inspect for damage, and our equipment can inject cured-in-place pipe lining materials, including UV curing materials, to refresh and re-line damaged pipes.

What Issues Can Sewer Lateral Lining Address?

Sewer lateral lining services can solve a number of common pipe problems including:

  • Damaged or corroded pipe linings
  • Slow or obstructed water flow
  • Water backups
  • Narrowing pipe linings

The Benefits of Sewer Lateral Lining

Although the real benefit of sewer lateral lining services is that it doesn’t require the messy and expensive excavation of your sewer system, it also provides:

  • The ability to catch small problems before they become dangerous
  • The chance to prevent damaging flooding
  • Better water flow and drainage
  • Peace of mind in knowing your sewer system will perform all year long

Why Choose New England Pipe Restoration?

Homeowners and business owners trust New England Pipe Restoration for all of their sewer lateral lining needs because we only hire experienced professionals who are dedicated to customer service. We’re proud to serve the Worcester community, and we guarantee on-time, dependable service that’s customized to the needs of your home or business. We take care of all of the messy work for you so you can relax and get back to more important things. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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