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Trenchless Pipe Repair Newton, MA

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Trenchless Pipe Repair in Newton, MA

New England Pipe Restoration is a top-notch team providing trenchless pipe repair in Newton, MA. Our customers come first and we take that extremely seriously. We invest in the latest technologies that will save customers both time and money. 

We have offered trenchless pipe repair in the Boston Metro area, and all of New England, for over 15 years.

If you require residential plumbing services in Newton MA, you will not find another company that is more committed to customer satisfaction than us at New England Pipe Restoration. We offer the Perma Liner trenchless pipe lining system because of its 50+ year life expectancy and its 10-year warranty.

The Importance of Trenchless Sewer Repair

The first important thing that we would like to cover is to explain to you that trenchless repairs are a perfect alternative to what we would call "traditional" trenchless pipe lining techniques. This is because trenchless repairs consist of a "no-dig" technology. This means that we do not have to create a huge construction site in your yard with major digging. Trenchless pipe lining in Newton, MA, is as efficient as it is effective.

We know that people do not really want their yards dug up if it can be avoided. Our customers are actually quite happy to hear that trenchless repairs may be an option for them. Trenchless sewer repair in Newton, MA, also can benefit you for many years.

Red Flags That Call For Trenchless Pipe Replacement or Repairs

The three signs you might require trenchless repairs are quite simple. The first is if you are suddenly smelling tremendously bad odors around your house. The next is if you are noticing a lot of puddles in your yard. Finally, if your drains are no longer draining properly, you might need trenchless repair services. If the damage is too significant, we may even recommend trenchless sewer replacement in Newton, MA.

The Trenchless Pipe Lining Repair Process

Traditionally, sewer repairs mean that a plumber has to dig up your yard. This can take a few days and cost you a lot of money. Trenchless repairs are actually much faster. We use a video camera to inspect the area and determine what problems you have. It is non-intrusive and fast. If you require trenchless pipe replacement in Newton, MA, we can also discover that at this point in the process.

The first thing we do is to install a pipe liner that is known as a "cured in place" pipe. We carefully slide the new pipe liner into the damaged sewer pipe. When we do this, we no longer have any need to remove the badly damaged pipe. This, therefore, means that we do not have to perform any digging in your backyard. The pipe liner we install is a tube of resin that is extremely flexible. We pull it into the badly damaged pipe and then we inflate it.

The resin then goes about curing within several hours. After it cures, you will have a new pipe that is now safely "inside" the old damaged sewer pipe that you wanted to be fixed. After doing this, waste will be adequately transferred to your sewer system from your home. The diameter of your pipe will only be reduced by a total of a quarter of an inch.

Aside from trenchless pipe repair, we provide clients with:

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