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Common Residential Plumbing Problems

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Common Residential Plumbing Problems in Boston, MA, and the Surrounding Areas

Residential pipes go through a lot of wear and tear, and as such can break down in many different ways. If you find yourself experiencing strange noises, loss of pressure, or a raw sewage odor whenever you use the plumbing, call a professional for help. At New England Pipe, we assure you that our newest repair and replacement methods are better than their traditional counterparts.

New England Common Residential Plumbing Problems

Here’s a list of the most common issues a household can experience with their plumbing:

Clogged Toilets and Drains

Almost all homes, whether new or old, will likely have experienced a clogged toilet, sink, or bathroom drain. Using plungers and chemical drain solutions can alleviate the problem but it won’t probably fix it. If used long-term, the corrosive chemicals can eat through your pipes and cause even bigger problems. In case of a clog, it’s better to call a technician who can use an auger, a snake, or the latest trenchless cleaning techniques to restore your pipes good as new.

Low Water Pressure

Does your water trickle when it should be pouring out the faucet? You may have a low water pressure problem. Water often carries minerals that get stuck to the insides of your pipes. Eventually, the buildup will cause your fixtures and showerheads to perform poorly. If the problem persists even after you’ve cleaned your showerheads and aerators, call our experienced technicians. We’ll be happy to help.

Sinks That Are Slow To Drain

Slow draining sinks are normally caused by blockages that restrict your sewer system’s flow. Moreover, your kitchen drains may be collecting congealed fat, grease, oil, vegetable scraps, and other materials. In the bathroom, your drains could be collecting hair, soap scum, and shampoo residue.

Leaky Pipes

A leak in your sewer line can lead to wet spots in walls and ceilings, mold, and a surprisingly large water bill. Leaks can form in the weakest spots in your line and especially at the joints. At New England Pipe, our trained technicians can spot the tiniest leak to prevent the plumbing issue from turning into an emergency. We can seal the leaks and fix your broken sewer lines using trenchless technology.

Hot Water Issues

A poorly functioning water heater that doesn’t provide enough heat may have sediment collecting near the heating element. Sometimes all it takes is checking the pilot light to get it resolved. But if that doesn’t work, quickly call a hot water heater expert to get it inspected for safety reasons. We can clean your water heater or have it repaired so you can continue enjoying hot water anytime.

As pipes age, it's only a matter of time before sewer pipes start exhibiting problems. At New England Pipe, our technicians are always ready and available to tackle sewer issues and emergencies. We use the latest trenchless techniques and tools to bring speedy solutions at an affordable price. When you need honest, up-front pricing, top-quality workmanship, and great service to ensure an optimally working system, give us a call or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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