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Old Pipe Repair

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It can be incredibly difficult to determine how old pipes are since they are mostly underground or in the walls of your structure. However, knowing that your pipes are old can help you be mindful of problems that can come with old pipes. If you have an older New England property, it is important you do everything you can to help keep your aging pipes in good working order. Thankfully, for help with old pipe repair or maintenance, you have assistance from the best pipe professionals in your area at New England Pipe Restoration.

Common Issues That Stem from Old Pipes in New England

When you have old pipes in your home or business, you are sure to notice some of these issues at some point. Just keep an eye out for any sign of a problem. The sooner we can fix the issue, the better. Clogs that keep popping up is one sign that you have aging pipes. Since the inside of your pipe walls are susceptible to build up over the life of your pipe, you will notice clogs that keep recurring. It can also decrease your water pressure and corrode your pipes. Low water pressure is also a sign that your pipes may have cracked somewhere within your system. The best way to determine if your old pipes have a crack is to get cameras into your pipes and do a thorough inspection.

New England Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair

In addition, if you notice your water changing color, or you taste rust in your water, this is a sign that you have old pipes that are in need of immediate repair. Some old pipes contain lead, so it is important if you notice anything off with your water, that you call us right away so we can make sure it is safe for you to consume. Water bills that rise without any major change in routine also tells you that there is an old pipe problem. Typically, this will happen as the result of a crack allowing water seepage before it gets to your faucet.

Why Older Properties Often Need Old Pipe Repairs

There are several options when it comes to keeping your old pipes in good working order. If you know that you own an older property, it is important you are aware of what goes into keeping your pipes moving smoothly. First, you need to clean out your pipes regularly. This helps keep clogs away and reduces buildup inside your pipes. We typically take care of this through hydro jetting. It is safe, even for old pipes, and gets them clean in a very short amount of time. Second, you need to have your pipes inspected regularly. This tells you if there is an issue before you may notice any of the signs. Once we find the problem, we then can formulate a plan to repair the old pipe as quickly as possible.

Finally, you also have the option of old pipe replacement when old pipes start to have problems. Doing one old pipe repair is simple, and we conduct the replacement with little time needed. However, repairing old pipes that are going to keep breaking may not be worth it. The only way to know if the pipe is worth repairing is to have the camera inspection done so we can see what condition your old pipes are currently in. If they are still good and strong, then old pipe repairs are the way to go. For old, brittle pipes with extensive corrosion or cracks, you may need to replace them.

Work with the Best Pipe Repair Professionals in New England

When you want to make sure your older pipes stay running like they are supposed to, call your team of industry professionals. We service customers in Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts. The experienced plumbing technicians here at New England Pipe Restoration can come out, inspect your pipes, and help repair your old pipes so your plumbing lasts as long as your property does.

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