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Roof Drain Lining

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Roof Drain Lining Services in Boston, MA, and Surrounding Areas

Apartment and condominium buildings are often some of the most challenging types of real estate to maintain. All of the plumbing for the entire building is connected in some way, and because of this, repairing the pipelines and drains in these buildings becomes a challenging task without the right tools and training to find the problem and repair it at an affordable price. At New England Pipe Restoration, we have the experience and equipment to conduct effective repairs through roof drain lining services.

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New England Pipe Restoration Roof Drain Lining Services

Finding The Problem in Massachusetts Roof Drain Pipelines

The roof drain pipes installed in condominiums and apartments are designed to carry the water away from the roof. These pipes can also leak into walls and cause damage to the buildings, the residents’ belongings, and the residents themselves. It is vitally important to keep these drains clear and in working order.

We can help you with these problems. We are able to do a roof drain lining that will repair any leaks in the roof drains. This will help you maintain your buildings so that you don’t have to worry about leaks and damages to the walls and infrastructure of the building. Our trained professionals can quickly complete repairs to keep your buildings running smoothly.

New England Pipe Roof Pipe Lining

Fast, Efficient, and Effective Roof Drain Repairs

Most roof drain lining repairs can be made without lengthy disruption to the residents, and our work can often be conducted with the water services left on for the majority of our visit. We insert a liner coated with epoxy resin into the drains and position them to cover leaks and other areas of damage. The liner is inflated and allows the resin to cover the interior walls of the pipe. We request that the water services are turned off during the curing phase of the epoxy resin. While the roof drain lining is curing, you won’t be able to have any water run through the pipes. Once it has cured, which takes about three or four hours, you can resume normal use of the roof drain pipes.

The key to keeping the cost of repairs down is to complete the repair as quickly as possible. If the problem is allowed to continue, it can cause water to seep into the walls resulting in further damage. It can even cause mold buildup, wall breakage, or other health hazards that could injure residents and possibly lead to costly lawsuits.

To avoid these inconveniences and encourage a safe living environment for all of the residents in these buildings, we assist in keeping these repairs as fast as possible and maintaining their quality. If you start having plumbing problems, contact a professional company like ours to do an inspection, and recommend repairs.

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