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Drain Inspection

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Quality Drain Inspection in Boston, MA

Bad drain pipes are a problem that affects us here in Boston, MA, and everywhere else in the US. According to The Boston Globe, “the American Society of Civil Engineers said that public spending is running far short of what’s needed to replace water and wastewater systems that will be outmoded by 2025. The funding gap was estimated at $105 billion now, up from $55 billion in 2010.”

New England Pipe Restoration Boston Drain Inspection Services

Sewer and Drain Inspection as Preventative Pipe Maintenance

Obviously, it’s a big problem that needs urgent action. On a smaller scale, home and business owners in Boston also need to take preventive measures before they face complications. At New England Pipe Restoration, our professional pipe lining company's goal is to help our local customers never have sewer problems. And the first step to a healthy sewer system is a proper drain inspection service.

New England Pipe drain inspection

How Does it Work?

Inspecting your property’s drain pipes lets us give you an accurate view of the state of your plumbing system. Whether it’s for preventing maintenance or to diagnose an existing problem, a drain video inspection is your best bet.

The Mechanics of a Pipe Inspection

We begin by running a probe into the drain pipe. The probe has a high-definition waterproof camera attached to the end, along with a powerful LED light. The camera will show us in real-time any damage or clogs inside the pipe. This will help us create a map of the pipe which we’ll later use to focus on the damaged areas only or do a complete drain pipe relining.

Knowing the state of our drain pipes is particularly important here In Boston. In general, our pipes are really old. The risk and cost of a pipe burst are too high not to take preventive measures.

Accurate Analysis

Without a drain camera, the best a plumber can do is guessing. Yes, they may have enough experience to diagnose based on their gut. The problem with it is that they won’t risk being wrong, so most times they’ll recommend a full pipe replacement. But a procedure as complex as a replacement may be unnecessary. You can spare yourself from the expense and hassle of guesswork by investing in a quick drain inspection in Boston, MA.

Customized Solutions

We don’t do one-size-fits-all solutions simply because we don’t think there are any. Where other plumbing companies will go straight for a pipe replacement, we prefer to be sure and focus on the problem. You save money and time, and you get the peace of mind of knowing how your plumbing system is doing. For example, in many cases, our customers fear that they’ll need to repair their drain pipes and spend a fortune doing it. But after the camera inspection, we find that all it needs is a quick hydro-jetting service to clean it up. We like helping our customers this way.

New England Pipe Restoration Boston Drain Inspection Services

New England Pipe Restoration also offers the following top-notch services:

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