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Formadrain Solutions in Boston, MA, and Surrounding Areas

At New England Pipe Restoration, we are proud to have partnered with Formadrain to provide our customers with the best pipe lining services in the industry. Our specialized and licensed technicians have experience in treating a variety of pipe problems, and we have found that trenchless pipe rehabilitation allows our team to restore pipes all over New England with accuracy and precision. It is important for our team to offer our customers the latest technology in the pipe lining industry, leaving with them with lasting results.

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Formadrain Technology

Formadrain is a leading manufacturer of trenchless pipe lining equipment and materials focused on lateral lining, spot repair, and lateral to main connection systems. The Formadrain system is uniquely tailored to repairing any underground pipes without the need for digging trenches. Among many of the reasons we have chosen to partner with Formadrain, their commitment to strength, durability, and quality materials go hand-in-hand with the quality of service we have always aimed to provide our customers with.

Formadrain supports contractors by offering pipe lining materials that are versatile and environmentally-friendly. Formadrain cares about how its product impacts the environment by being conscious of the ingredients that make up with epoxy resin. In addition, they work with plumbing codes to make sure the contractors who are using their products do not harm the surrounding environment. Additionally, Formadrain’s equipment and materials are versatile in its ability to be conducted on a variety of pipe diameters and materials allowing a variety of residential and commercial properties to experiences its benefits.

Benefits of Formadrain’s Trenchless Process

At New England Pipe Restoration, we pride ourselves on being your leading New England trenchless sewer repair experts. Formadrain technology allows us to complete the pipe lining process within the day, and your pipes are ready for immediate use when complete. When conducting pipe lining services, we work through two access points that allow our team to access each end of your damaged pipeline. The Formadrain fiberglass and durepox liner are inserted into your pipe with high-pressure, superheated steam. The epoxy resin cures in place, leaving you with a brand new pipe within your existing one.

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Our partnership with Formadrain is our commitment to providing customers with excellent service that will exceed expectations. New England Pipe Restoration services both residential and commercial properties throughout New England. If you are interested in lengthening the lifespan of your pipe system or would like to learn more about our pipe lining services, contact us today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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