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Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

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Business owners have a lot to manage, and this includes taking care of their property’s plumbing. If you suspect something wrong with your sewer or water lines, call a professional expert to have it dealt with as soon as possible. At New England Pipe, we have the skills and experience to resolve any commercial plumbing concerns, from clogged drains to flooded bathrooms or kitchen areas.

Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

Take a look at the most common commercial plumbing problems below.

Toilet Clogs

Commercial-grade toilets are made to last longer than standard residential ones, but over time they wear out, become clogged, or start developing a pipe leak. Instead of trying to fix the problem using corrosive chemical drain cleaners, call the experts for a quick solution to have your toilet unclogged as soon as possible.

Running Toilets

Running toilets by definition are always “on”, so there’s water constantly entering the bowl. When you start experiencing a running toilet, call us to come fix the problem. A quick jiggle at the toilet’s moving parts can cause the running to stop, but this is only a temporary fix to a larger, more serious concern.

Recurring Clogs

If your business is located in a commercial grid, the drain problems you’re seeing could be caused by nearby roots seeking nourishment. Companies that have their own waste management system must maintain it properly or else clogs can develop. For slow-moving drains and when you, your employees, or customers start smelling raw sewage, a licensed plumber can unblock your sewer lines using the latest trenchless technology.

Hot Water Supply Problems

Hot water systems in commercial settings are more complicated than their household counterparts. For medical facilities, restaurants, and manufacturing plants, hot water is a necessity. As such, you’ll need to make sure all your heating units are properly maintained. When you need to install a new hot water system or need a repair or a component replacement, give us a call. We can make the adjustment and make sure your heaters are working in optimal condition.


Any part of your plumbing can form a leak, even ones that are located deep beneath the ground. You won’t notice this until the symptoms rise to the surface. When there’s a cracked pipe or a leaky toilet, you can be sure that the water bill will be very high. Moreover, the escaped water can damage your establishment and property.

It’s of utmost importance to keep an eye on these signs and have an expert conduct inspections regularly. Prevention is still better than the cure, as leaks can be repaired using trenchless technology before they turn into a disruptive emergency.

Protect your business and keep your water bills low by hiring professionals for your commercial plumbing repairs, upgrades and inspections. At New England Pipe, we have the latest in plumbing innovations, including trenchless cleaning, repair and replacement services. We offer competitive prices for our exceptional commercial plumbing services. Our restoration experts can quickly rehabilitate cracked, broken, and leaking pipes. When you need a reliable plumbing company that does the job right, give us a call.

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