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Sewer and Drain Replacement
in Medford, MA

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Sewer and Drain Replacement Services in Medford, MA

A sewer drain cleaning and replacement Medford, MA can be carried out in many different ways. Typically trenchless maintenance is the preferred choice of most property owners, and it includes techniques like pipe lining and pipe bursting. Conventional trenching can also be done if your sewer line's design does not allow for trenchless repair due to the nature of the problem or other factors. This is not common, however, and trenchless sewer replacement is usually a possibility. Regardless of what method is used, you can rest assured that your trained professional will be able to suggest an affordable and effective option to repair your sewer line and get it back up and running quickly.

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Reasons for Sewer Line Deterioration

There are many factors that can result in damaged sewer pipes. The most common factor is simply old age. Plumbing systems are often old and outdated, and replacement may be needed after 40 years. Roots can cause cracks in old, worn pipes and the natural shifting of earth can eventually cause misaligned pipes. The build-up of grease can also cause problems, as can blockages within your sewer line. All these and all other problems can be easily identified with a sewer inspection, and sewer inspections are necessary prior to carry out any form of pipe replacement.

Fix Your Sewer Line Today

Do not allow your pipes and joints to become damaged to the point where the worst happens and you are forced to replace the entire sewer line in an emergency. Prevention is much better and a lot cheaper. Sewer damage that results from any source can be resolved quickly, and a trained professional will always only address exactly what is necessary. Often minor repairs to small sections of your sewer line can have a dramatic effect on the rest of your plumbing. To have your sewer line looked at, or to discuss any potential maintenance or troubleshooting regarding a sewer and drain replacement in Medford, MA please contact New England Pipe Restoration at 978-833-3431.

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