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Medford MA Sewer Inspection

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Sewer Inspection Medford, Massachusetts

A Medford MA sewer inspection gives a sewer professional a comprehensive overview of what faults are present and where they are located in your sewer line. Determining the exact nature of a sewer fault is very difficult without the modern sewer-line cameras that are used in the inspection of the sewer pipes laying beneath your property. Prior to any actual work being done, a sewer professional will perform an inspection to precisely locate areas of your sewer line that are in need of repairs. Inspection of your sewer line is a process that usually takes under an hour to complete and provides your contractor will valuable information about the current state of your sewer and the most affordable repairs that will work for it.

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Preventative Inspection

Early warning signs of a damaged sewer and drain system are: off-putting odors coming from your inner or outer drains, slow drainage, flooding in your basement when using plumbing fixtures, and gurgling noises coming from drains. It is best to immediately schedule an inspection to guarantee that current problems are dealt with before they can complicate the issue and drive up costs. Waiting for an inspection until it is too late can result you needing to replace the entire sewer line. The low cost and the speed at which a sewer inspection is carried out makes it a smart option anytime you suspect a potential sewer issue.

The Inspection Process

One or more specialized cameras are fed through your sewer line, rendering real-time video to a monitor, which is inspected by an operator. The video provides the operator with information about the nature and location of any problems that are present in your sewer line. These waterproof cameras come in various sizes and can be used to inspect many different types of sewer systems on both residential and commercial properties. To investigate problems with your sewer line by scheduling a Medford MA sewer inspection please contact New England Pipe Restoration as soon as possible at 978-833-3431.

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