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Sewer Camera Inspection Services

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Sewer Camera Inspection Services in Malden, MA

Our sewer camera inspection services in Malden, MA is an affordable and quick process that is necessary for the proper execution of any maintenance or repair of your sewer line. An inspection is usually completed within an hour, and during this time a sewer repair professional will be able to provide you a proper assessment of the condition of your sewer system. Video inspection is used, giving the operator exact information to determine what work needs to be done and how. Sewer inspections are best carried out as a preventative measure but they are also often used during a sewer emergency. It’s one of the most valuable tools available for troubleshooting any potential issue with your sewer system.

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Detailed Evaluation of the State of your Sewer Line

Each area of your sewer line can be inspected in detail thanks to the use of a specialized camera, or different sized cameras, which are fed into your sewer line. Attached to a long, flexible cable, video-based inspections allow for every area of your pipes to be clearly evaluated accurately. Inspection of your sewer line using a camera normally takes under an hour, saving you money on the inspection cost, regardless of how extensive or large your sewer line may be. A contractor will then be able to tell you whether you should opt for trenchless maintenance techniques or if other maintenance methods can be used to fix your problem.

Sewer Inspection is Critical

Sewer inspection is also critical for those thinking about buying property. The sewer line of most properties is overlooked, and this can result in unexpected disruptions and costs with sewer repair that were not even considered when the property was purchased. If you happen to notice any problems with drainage or odors in or around your house, then it’s a good idea to order a sewer inspection immediately. For any further information, or to discuss the specifics of sewer inspection in Malden, MA, contact our professional pipe lining company at 978-962-2340 or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment. We also offer:

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