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Sewer and Drain Replacement
in Cambridge, MA

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Sewer and Drain Replacement Services in Cambridge, MA

A sewer and drain replacement Cambridge, MA is sometimes a necessary process to restore your sewer line to full functionality. Drain and sewer pipes that are left damaged can result in flooding, groundwater contamination, and a host of other problems such as foul odors, poor drainage, and irregular water pressure. The root cause of many of these problems is simply the age of the sewer line itself. Eventually, all sewer lines will degrade, and if your pipes are older than forty years, then it is likely that they are overdue for a replacement. Most types of sewer lines all eventually deteriorate at some point and even new sewer lines can be damaged by careless excavations or the incorrect setup and installation of neighboring sewer systems.

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The Benefits of New Pipes

New pipes are extremely well manufactured, being comprised of materials that are far superior to old, outdated sewer lines. The pipes used for sewer replacement are corrosion resistant, leak-proof, heat and pressure-resistant, resistant to shifts and environmental changes, and have an excellent life expectancy. Any sewer work done is meant to last, and with modern materials and processes, you will hopefully rarely need to readdress any plumbing problems once an issue has been attended to. If you have the option between trenching or a trenchless replacement, it’s often preferable to use a trenchless method. It saves time, money, and the effort of having to restore your property once work is complete.

What Can Sewer and Drain Replacement Resolve?

Cracked and deteriorated pipes, misalignments, blockages, leaks, corrosion, bad joints, old pipes, and faulty seals, and all other sewer line problems can all be fixed with a trenchless sewer repair. Regardless of what type of damage is present, a skilled sewer technician will be able to direct you to the best all-round solution for your problem. For specialized solutions or any information about a Cambridge, MA sewer and drain replacement, contact New England Pipe Restoration at 978-833-3431.

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