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Benefits of CIPP Repair

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There was a time when pipe repair meant excavation. Luckily, that's not the case today thanks to options available from New England Pipe Restoration that include trenchless pipe lining in Arlington, MA. If you're new to what's also called cured-in-place piping, or CIPP, here's a closer look at the benefits associated with this approach to pipe repair.

No Excavation Work Is Necessary

One of the top benefits of CIPP pipe lining is that it's done in a way that doesn't require excavation. The affected pipe is restored internally with an inflatable liner that's used to apply an epoxy-resin material. Once it hardens, you'll have a smooth, flaw-free interior pipe surface – without a big landscaping cleanup mess to deal with!

CIPP Repair Is Fast and Affordable

CIPP sewer pipe lining is a fast and affordable alternative to excavation. Because there's no heavy-duty equipment involved, it's not unusual for the job to be completed within a day – or even within several hours if smaller sections of pipe are being repaired. It's also a budget-friendly solution since there's not as much labor needed and very little post-project cleanup.

It Can Work On Older, Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron pipe lining is a way of referring to CIPP repair when it's done on older, cast iron pipes. It can be a money-saving way to breathe new life into older pipes affected by corrosion and age-related wear.

Explore Our Trenchless Options Today

New England Pipe Restoration is a leader among pipe lining companies because of the ability to give our customers a wide range of options. While CIPP repair isn't right for every situation, it's an option that can provide many much-appreciated benefits if you have a damaged pipe that's still stable.

Contact us today about CIPP and cast iron pipe lining and other cost-effective solutions we offer.

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