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Understanding Cast Iron Pipes

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At one time, cast iron pipes were a popular sewer pipe choice because of their durability. However, a common reason to need trenchless pipe lining in Newton, MA from New England Pipe Restoration is because cast iron pipes are now leaking or cracked due to age and wear. Here's what you need to know about cast iron pipes and how pipe lining can restore them.

Many Factors Can Affect Cast Iron Pipes

Normally, the lifespan of cast iron piping is about a century, which is why this material was so widely used. Today, newer pipe materials with even better qualities are preferred. The problem with cast iron pipes, other than susceptibility to age-related wear, is the many other factors that can affect lifespan, such as water quality, climate changes, and invasive tree roots from large backyard trees.

How to Tell If Your Cast Iron Pipes Need to be Relined

If your cast iron pipes are damaged or worn, you might notice frequent clogs or slow drains if cracks are letting in debris. It's also a good idea to consider sewer pipe lining in Newton, MA if you have cast iron pipes and you are noticing:

  • Frequent sewer backups or drain problems
  • Foul odors within your home
  • Structural damage to your foundation
  • Sudden lush growth within certain spots in your yard

How Does Pipe Lining Help Cast Iron Pipes?

While some heavily damaged cast iron pipes need to be fully replaced, others may benefit from pipe lining. As experts in CIPP pipe lining in Newton, MA, we can evaluate your older cast iron pipes and let you know if a trenchless solution is appropriate. If it is, inserting a pipe liner and a durable epoxy material can leave you with cast iron pipes that once again work as intended.

Let Us Revive Your Pipes

New England Pipe Restoration is one of the leading pipe lining companies in Newton, MA and nearby areas because of our solid understanding of common homeowner issues. This includes ones involving older cast iron pipes. We'll gladly get you started with an initial pipe inspection.

Contact us today about cast iron pipe lining in Newton, MA. Call us or fill out the form on this site to get started.

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