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Signs You Need a Sewer Camera Inspection

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Problems with your sewage system might be difficult to recognize since you typically don't inspect your sewer lines often. Nevertheless, ignoring sewage system problems may severely affect your home. Wastewater is exceedingly hazardous and presents a significant health concern to your whole family, and a sewage leak may cost you thousands of dollars in clean-up charges alone. Fortunately, New England Pipe Restoration provides state-of-the-art sewer camera inspection services in Boston, MA. Our services effectively reveal issues you would not have seen otherwise. By locating the source of a sewage line issue, these inspections save you both money and time. Here are some signs that you need a sewer inspection:

Reduced Water Levels

Reduced water pressure is a common symptom of blocked sewage lines, so you should get a sewer inspection immediately. Pay attention to all changes in your water level, not just low ones. It's essential to evaluate your lines if the water pressure in your home fluctuates dramatically daily since this might be a sign of more serious damage.

Slow Drains

If your toilet, sink, or bathtub takes a long time to drain, it may be time to get a drain inspection. The clog could be caused by something as simple as hair and debris buildup or a more serious issue like tree root invasions.

Bad Odors

If you smell sewage from your drains or outside your home, it may be an issue with your sewer line. Thus, to prevent unpleasant back-ups and other matters, you should schedule a pipe inspection to determine the cause of the unpleasant odor.

Water and Mold Damage

When mold grows in various rooms of your house, it's time to bring in the pros for a plumbing inspection. Mold ruins your home and poses a health risk when inhaled.

At New England Pipe Restoration, we can solve any plumbing issue. Our advanced equipment allows our skilled team to check and evaluate your sewage systems promptly. If you notice any of the signs we discussed above, contact us today to schedule an inspection.

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