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Common Problems We Find During a Sewer Camera Inspection

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Regular sewer camera inspection services in Boston, MA, are essential to ensure the smooth flow of water and waste from homes. These can also help identify issues early on before they escalate. At New England Pipe Restoration, we use sewer inspections before repairs to identify the exact problem, its extent, and location to make it easier and faster for us to find and execute a solution. Here are some of the most common problems we identify with our sewer cameras.


This is one of the main problems many homeowners deal with. Clogs can happen because of hair, tissue, or grease buildup. When you notice that your drains are flowing slower than usual, contact us for a sewer inspection right away.

Tree Root Invasion

Whether a client has trees on their property or not, this is a common problem in pipes and drains. Tree roots spread looking for moisture and nutrients, and once they grow through the pipes, they cause blockages. This mostly happens in pipes made using porous materials like clay and cast iron.

Cracked Pipes

When water pipes crack, it could result in low pressure in faucets and high water bills. When sewer lines break, they release the waste into the environment and become a health hazard. Our plumbing inspectionservices make it easier for us to catch pipe corrosion before it causes cracks and breakage.

Sagging Pipes

The longer the pipes remain in the ground, they begin to sag because of old age and the weight of the earth. This allows debris, dirt, and water to settle on the sagging part, causing repeat blockages. Over time, the pressure could cause seals between the pipes to loosen, causing a leak.

Offset Pipes

Pipe offsets happen when two joint pipe sections don't line up. This occurs primarily because of ground movement and groundwater swelling. It also happens because of weakened joints due to old age or a sagging pipe. A timely pipe inspection can help reveal offset pipes before they cause serious damage to the entire system.

Regardless of the type and size of the damage, our experienced and skilled employees are dedicated to helping our clients restore the effectiveness and durability of their drains. Rely on New England Pipe Restoration for a drain inspection.

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