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How to Avoid Frequent Clogs

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Clogs are one of the most common issues that homeowners encounter. While they start off as minor issues, they can easily turn to serious problems without prompt solutions. Fortunately, avoiding clogged drains is easy with the help of an expert in drain cleaning in Worcester, MA, like New England Pipe Restoration. We share the following tips to help you prevent frequent clogs:

Schedule Regular Drain Cleaning

Frequent drain cleaning with a professional drain cleaning company can help get rid of any built up food, debris, hair, soap scum, and other garbage in your drains. Even if you don’t have a severely clogged drain, by being proactive about drain cleaning you can greatly reduce the chances of clogs from forming in your drains.

Be Mindful of What You Throw Down the Drain

Leftover food, grease, oil, and vegetable peelings are some of the top causes of a clogged drain. To avoid a clogged kitchen sink, avoid disposing these items and other solid objects down the drain. While grease and oil are liquid when hot, they solidify as they cool, creating serious blockages.

Avoid Using Chemicals

Chemical cleaners may seem like a cheap and easy way to prevent clogs in your drains, but they can actually damage your drain and pipes. Continued use of chemical drain cleaners can eat away at your pipes and corrode them from the inside. These can lead to cracks and leaks over time, which can be expensive to repair. Instead of resorting to chemicals, contact us for professional drain snaking instead.

By taking care of your drains and scheduling regular drain cleaning services, you reduce the risk of expensive repairs down the road. Contact New England Pipe Restoration today for cost-effective drain cleaning solutions. We also provide top-notch sewer inspections, repairs, and replacements.

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