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Why You Should Deal with Clogged Drains Promptly

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Cleaning a clogged drain system is hardly on anyone's house cleaning plans. In fact, most homeowners don’t care for their drains until an emergency occurs. However, it’s important to deal with clogs right away to avoid more serious issues. New England Pipe Restoration, experts in drain cleaning in Arlington, MA, shares the risks of delaying professional drain cleaning:

Bad Odor

As the water flows back into your sink due to the blockage, the waste is accompanied by a terrible smell that can be uncomfortable. That said, sometimes the smell is not brought about by the backflow of waste. When your drainage system is not cleaned often, it produces an unpleasant smell that comes out through openings like toilets and sinks. That is when you know you need a drain cleaning company as soon as possible.

Slow/ Bubbling Up Drainage

Waste flow can back up into your sink when drains are clogged. The waste contains bacteria that are harmful and cause damage to someone's health. Fortunately, you can avoid this mess by scheduling prompt drain cleaning services at the first sign of a clog.


The waster that has clogged inside your drainage system will prevent water from flowing through your pipes. Over time, the water pressure can cause the pipe to crack and leak. Leaks can be carriers of bacteria and mold, so it’s crucial that you deal with a clogged drain right away. Depending on the nature and severity of the clog, we may recommend our hydro jetting or drain snaking services.

Dealing with a stubborn clogged drain? Get in touch with New England Pipe Restoration today! Our trained technicians can provide you with efficient and lasting solutions. Aside from reliable drain cleaning services, we also offer quality pipe inspections and trenchless repair and replacement services. Schedule an appointment with our professional team today.

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