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How Long Does Pipe Lining Take?

Trenchless pipe lining in Boston, MA

Trenchless pipe lining in Boston, MA is a cost-effective pipe rehab solution offered by New England Pipe Restoration. While there are many appealing benefits associated with this approach to repairing a pipe, you may be wondering how long this process typically takes. Take a moment to learn more about the answer to this question.

Initial Preparations

Prior to getting started with what's also known as cured-in-place piping or CIPP pipe lining, some prep work is necessary. This may be done on a different day before the actual work is done. This part of the process involves doing an initial camera inspection to pinpoint the problem area and determine if pipe lining is an appropriate repair method.

The Actual Relining Process

It's often possible to complete sewer pipe lining within a single day when it comes to the actual relining process. The full duration of the work during that day, however, will vary based on factors such as the full length of the pipe that's being lined with a new coating and how accessible the damaged area is.

Post-Lining Inspection

A third day may be needed with trenchless pipe lining, so an inspection of the completed work can be done. This is typically necessary to allow a local inspector to confirm that the pipe has been properly restored in accordance with local and industry plumbing requirements and regulations.

Get Started Today

With a wide range of solutions such as cast iron pipe lining and trenchless sewer repairs, New England Pipe Restoration is one of the leading pipe lining companies because of our commitment to getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the same time, we'll keep quality in mind from start to finish.

Contact us today to fully explore the specifics of trenchless pipe lining.

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