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What Causes Sewer Pipes to Crack?

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As specialists in trenchless pipe lining in Arlington, MA, New England Pipe Restoration understands the importance of restoring full integrity and flow to pipes. Cracks are one of the top flaws that can affect pipes. Here's a closer look at what could cause sewer pipes to crack.


Older cast iron and clay pipes have many wonderful features, but they can also be affected by corrosion and age. Over time, cracks can develop. On a positive note, cast iron pipe lining can restore older pipes with a new inside coating.

Freezing/Thawing Cycles

Poor pipe installation is one of the factors that cause sewer lines to freeze. Even if winter freeze-thaw cycles haven't affected your sewer lines in the past, cracks can still form after many seasons of temperature fluctuations. Sewer pipe lining can typically correct this kind of damage – and leave you with pipes that are even more durable than before repairs were made.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can easily top the list of one of the most common reasons to need trenchless pipe lining. All it takes is one tiny crack for thirsty roots to get into sewer lines. As the tree roots grow and expand, cracks can go from hairline fractures to full-blown ones that structurally weaken your sewer pipes.


Sewer lines are exposed to a lot of things over the years, from greases and fats to household items that shouldn't be flushed. If any of these materials contributes to blockages, extra pressure can be placed on sewer lines. Accumulated gunk can also hasten corrosion and wear. The result in both cases could be cracks and related issues with leaks, sewer odors, and drain backups.

We're Here When Your Pipes Need Help

New England Pipe Restoration stands out among local pipe lining companies in Arlington, MA, because of our ability to respond promptly when home or business sewer lines need some expert attention. We'll check out your pipes, identify any cracks or other flaws, and recommend a sensible fix.

Contact us today to restore your pipes with excavation-free CIPP pipe lining.

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