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The Importance of Roof Drain Lining

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Plumbing in commercial buildings is a complex arrangement that presents challenges regarding locating and repairing drainage issues. Luckily, New England Pipe Restoration is equipped with the necessary experience and tools to carry out a complete roof drain CIPP pipe lining in Arlington, MA. Take a look at the important role that roof drain lining plays in the upkeep of your property.

Prevents Property Damage

Leaks in the roof drain system, which carry water down from apartment roofs, can get into the building’s structure and cause damage to the building and tenant belongings. These leaks will potentially lead to health risks for the building occupants. Before the problem gets out of hand, it will need the attention of one of the pipe lining companies in Arlington, MA.

Our team of professionals at New England Pipe Restoration can quickly assess and line damaged drains, providing your building with a robust system that keeps moisture away from the interior. Since deteriorated drain systems are likely to be older, cast iron pipe lining in Arlington, MA is especially helpful.

Promotes Convenience

Because our roof-drain lining process is essentially similar to trenchless pipe lining in Arlington, MA, it’s minimally disruptive and doesn’t take much time to complete. The process works by inserting epoxy-resin-coated liners into drains and inflating them to cover existing leaks and deterioration. The water system does need to be off as the resin cures into place and creates a second, form-fitting, and durable pipe. However, the curing stage only takes about three to four hours. After that, normal use can resume. This means that water service disruption is minimal.

Schedule a Drain Repair Appointment Today

If faulty roof drain systems are left unaddressed, leaking water can cause damage in walls, lead to mold buildup and present health and safety concerns and consequent lawsuits. The trained technicians at New England Pipe Restoration focus on timely and rapid repairs to ensure the stability of your building’s environment.

We serve the Arlington, MA area and the entire Massachusetts region, providing pipe repair, drain cleaning, camera pipe inspection, sewer pipe lining in Arlington, MA, and more. Contact us today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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