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The Best Kept Secret in the Pipe Repair World

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There’s a little-known method in the world of sewer repair that could save you time, money and stress. Sounds like a dream, right? Who wouldn’t want to take the approach that’s most hassle-free for homeowners? It’s not that people aren’t choosing this method consciously, it’s because they simply don’t know about one of the most advanced pipe repair techniques on the market. Over 78% of those polled have never even heard of this technology! What is it, you ask? Trenchless pipe repair, of course!

Trenchless sewer repair takes an underground approach to pipe repair. It uses no-dig technology to seal and reline your sewer pipes or water pipes quickly and effectively. Imagine a new, protective seal wrapping your existing pipes to fix any cracks, breaks, corrosion, root intrusion, or to seal any open joints. Trenchless experts won’t need to dig up your lawn like the traditional methods of the past. You’ll have a wonderfully restored sewer system without any additional inconvenience to you.

Traditional pipe repair tears up your lawn to find the problem and replace existing pipelines. Not only is it unsightly, it becomes inconvenient for the homeowner who has to work around weeks of construction. Trenchless pipe repair can be completed in as little as one day!

So why is it that this great method isn’t better known? Well, it’s still relatively new. Trenchless technology came on the market for residential homes only about 10 to 15 years ago. Specialists have honed their skills and developed a variety of techniques that are designed to keep homeowners happy. Your lawn and landscaping will remain virtually untouched while an expert team performs much needed repairs on your pipes.

How do you know if trenchless technology is a good option for you? First, check the age of your sewage system. If it’s over 40 years old, it is recommended that you replace it. If you like less intrusive, efficient repair services, look no further! Uncover the best kept secret in pipe repair and call about trenchless technology today!

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