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If you had the choice of getting a new car, or repairing a broken one you had, which one would you choose? You probably thought the right answer was repairing, assuming it is cheaper. Even if the repair will take a few days, that’s ok. You need the car and you don’t want to spend the money on a new one.

But what if we told you that this new car is cheaper and better than the one you want to repair? Not only that, but we can give it to you in a matter of hours.

Plumbing Services in New England

Unfortunately for you, we are not in the car business. But this example is an illustration of the kind of work we do at New England Pipe Restoration.

The traditional way to repair sewer lines involves three things:

Digging Repairing or replacing Restoring

The problem with this old approach is that it’s expensive, it takes days or weeks to complete and it leaves you with another expensive restoration project you didn’t have to pay for. Traditional plumbing companies will tell you that excavating—destroying—your yard is a necessary evil. But what they won’t tell you is that, along with your traditional sewer repair bill, you’ll need to add the cost of restoration.

So now you’re looking at weeks of work over something that we could have fixed for you in hours.

How Do We Fix Sewer Lines?

Our approach is simple. We give you a brand new sewer line with the least amount of destruction, time and cost possible. Our goal is for your home or business to be back to normal in record time.

Our trenchless sewer repair service really should be called sewer renewal service, but just for the sake of argument, let’s stick with repairing. What we do can be simplified in five steps:

We begin with a camera inspection. This helps us see what kind of problems your sewer pipe has. Depending on the problem is the approach we take for the next step.


We prepare the pipe by either hydro-jetting it or even use a drill in case there is something bigger blocking the pipe. In most cases all it takes is a quick water pressure blast, but the goal is always to leave the pipe open for the next step.**


This is our signature move. We insert and place an inflatable liner into the damaged sewer line. We fill this liner with a liquid epoxy which will become the new sewer line. Once everything is in place, we inflate the liner, let the epoxy coat the old pipe so it takes the shape of it, and then we cure the epoxy so it hardens and becomes the new pipe.

Inspect again. We are almost done. We perform a second camera inspection to make sure the pipe is completely sealed and where it needs to be.

Test. Now that we are sure that the new pipe is ready to use, we do a test so you see how great it works now.

We Repair Sewer Lines

Contact us by phone at 978-962-2340. We can get you a free quote of our services or schedule a visit to your site to give you a more accurate assessment. We are the leaders in trenchless sewer repair in Boston and surrounding areas. We are licensed and insured, and have helped hundreds of happy customers in the New England area.

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