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Sewer Repair Portland, ME

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When you need sewer repair in Portland, ME, New England Pipe Restoration is ready to help with a wide selection of effective, affordable services. We have invested in the latest technology and training to ensure that we have a reliable solution for every sewer repair need. No matter how simple or severe your plumbing problem is, we can help you.

How Sewer Repair Services Work In Portland, ME

New England Pipe Restoration is a full-service sewer repair provider for homeowners and businesses throughout New England. We're fully equipped for both tried-and-true trenching sewer repairs and modern, low-impact trenchless technology, so there is no sewer repair problem we can't handle. Whenever possible, we offer affordable, trenchless solutions to save you money and protect your property value, but if excavation will provide better results in your unique situation, you can always count on us for honest recommendations that will ensure your sewer repair is successful.

For pipes that still maintain some degree of integrity, we offer cured-in-place pipe lining, or CIPP. This innovative method uses a removable sleeve to create a new pipe from an epoxy resin that essentially replaces the damaged pipe from inside. The sleeve is inserted through an access point in the point and positioned, then inflated to shape the epoxy into a perfectly round cylinder against the inside of the damaged pipe. Once cured, the hardened epoxy seals cracks and holes, rebuild gaps and strengthens weakened areas to restore the pipe to like-new function. The resin resists rust, corrosion, roots, extreme temperatures, and environmental damage for over 50 years, making it one of the most permanent solutions available.

What Are The Benefits Of Fixing Sewer Pipes In Maine With Trenchless Technology & Equipment?

If your pipe is severely damaged and requires replacement, we can usually install a new pipe without excavation using pipe bursting technology. Pipe bursting involves pulling a pneumatic head through the inside of the damaged pipe, where it simultaneously shatters the damaged pipe into tiny fragments while pulling in a new high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe to replace it. The particles of the old pipe are pressed into the surrounding soil where they harmlessly dissolve, for a replacement solution that creates little to no landfill debris. The process requires only two very small access holes at either end and can be used for pipes more than 100 feet long, virtually eliminating damage to your landscaping during even a major repair.

While CIPP pipe lining and pipe bursting are effective, affordable, and low-hassle, there are situations where a traditional dig-and-replace solution will create better results. In these cases, New England Pipe Restoration has the equipment needed to expose the damaged pipe so that it can be physically removed and replaced. To complete this repair, we'll dig a very narrow trench down to the old pipe, disconnect and remove it. We'll correct any issues and install the new one, then backfill the trench to complete the process.

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New England Pipe Restoration has invested in the best equipment and knowledge to ensure that we're prepared for every sewer need. We can handle any sewer repair, from sealing a small leak to full replacement, and we've been earning five-star customer satisfaction ratings for over 15 years. Call us today to discuss your needs!

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