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Commercial & Municipal Sewer Repair Bangor, ME

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Sewer maintenance is not just for the common household to worry about. Businesses are often even more in need of properly functioning sewer systems, which is why New England Pipe Restoration offers sewer repairs and replacements for commercial and municipal needs in the Bangor, Maine area.

Sewer care is offered in various phases and steps. It starts with inspections and works its way all the way up to replacements. This can all be done now with trenchless services, a noninvasive way to maintain the pipes without the need of excessive digging to get direct access to the pipes themselves.

Commercial Municipal Sewer Repair Bangor ME

Sewer Camera Inspections

If you’re unsure of what services you need performed on your Bangor, ME property or you simply want to be proactive and know the state of your pipes, we are able to perform a sewer camera inspection. This will give us a good look at the inside of the pipes and allow us to diagnose what you need done, if anything, and assess the overall condition of your pipes so you can plan for the future. If you can’t recall the last inspection you had done, chances are you are at least due for a cleaning and possibly some minor repairs, all of which can be done with trenchless services. The worst case scenario is a total replacement, but thanks to noninvasive options, even those are fairly simple. We can perform replacement services without the headache of large excavation processes and without disrupting the community’s residents and businesses.

Pipe Linings

Pipe linings are a great way to repair an area without having the uproot the previous pipes. Traditional pipe repairs and replacements involved excavations to get to the pipes directly. With trenchless pipe relining, we are able to apply a durable epoxy lining to your existing pipe’s interior. We start by lining a felt tube with epoxy resin, then pull it throughout the system. The tube is then inflated, allowing it to mold the resin to the inside of the older pipes. Once it is in place the liner is steamed, and it hardens to seal all cracks and abrasions from the old pipes. When finished, a new pipe is formed within the old one, known as cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining. This liner acts as a brand new pipe and can last upwards of 50 plus years.

Pipe Bursting

If there is a portion of your Bangor commercial or municipal sewer system that needs to be replaced, it’s good to use the pipe bursting technique. This uses a drill to power through the actual pipe, breaking it up and pushing it into the soil around it. While this process is happening, a new pipe is dragged into place as the old one is broken up and moved out of the way. When it’s in place, we are able to mend the two sections together for total security and we are then left with a brand new section, all done without an excavation.

Whether you fall in the commercial or municipal category, New England Pipe Restoration is here to restore your Bangor, ME pipes and to maintain the condition that they are in. From inspections and cleanings to repairs and replacements, we bring the best services to our Bangor clients. Don’t hesitate to call today to get your repairs underway.

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