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You Need To Know Facts of Trenchless Sewer Repair in Massachusetts

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The efficiency and wonders of trenchless technology has been in use for over a decade now. It has reached towns, regions and states due to being the better alternative to traditional sewer line repairs. One of the towns that are greatly helped by trenchless sewer replacement is Massachusetts. See why more and more residents are choosing trenchless instead of the traditional method.

How Trenchless Sewer Repair Works

It only takes 3 short steps to complete a trenchless sewer line repair. One, a fiber optic camera is inserted into the sewer line to see where the plumbing issue is. A video feed provides the best solution to fixing the problem.

Two, an access point is made to where it’s nearest to the problem area. This small hole is utilized in fixing the pipes. The new pipes are put in. Last, a thorough inspection is made to ensure the new pipes are properly installed and that the repair is a resounding success.

The entire trenchless repair process only takes a few hours as compared to traditional methods. It’s fast, efficient and is economical in cost. Traditional sewer piping repairs can take weeks off your time, and this is where trenchless repair shines. Here are some more facts on why trenchless is better than traditional pipe replacement:

Fact 1. There’s Minimal Digging Involved

You know how it goes with traditional sewer repairs- the plumbers would have to have someone dig up your yard to get to the root of the problem. Trenchless only requires 2 small holes to get it fixed. Using the two holes, professional plumbers put in the newer, stronger pipes in place. All of this can be done without digging a trench. This is why the term is coined as “trenchless” method.

Fact 2. Trenchless Uses Seamless Pipes

There are two trenchless repair available, and knowing which one to use could depend on several factors. As mentioned above, your plumber will inspect the severity of the pipe damage by inserting a high-end camera in a small hole. They will clear out any debris such as roots or other blockages to make way for the new pipe. The CIPP liner is then cured as the new pipes are settled into place. The new pipes are remarkable because they don’t have the weakness of the old piping material. It doesn’t have joints which means roots cannot enter it anymore. It is resistant to abrasive materials that can be found in water. It can even resist corrosion because it can withstand acidic water unlike old pipings made of copper.

Fact 3. You Save Money by Going Trenchless

Due to the technological equipment and methods used in trenchless, it can cost up to 30% more than traditional repairs. At first glance it could be the more expensive option, but this method can actually save you more money in the long run. You won’t have to hire drivers to dig up your lawn with heavy machinery, and you won’t have to hire a landscaper to put everything back to where it was. That, and the new pipe can last decades which will save you more money in future repair charges.

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