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Main Causes of Pipe Corrosion

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Corrosion in your pipes can lead to leaks and other sewer issues when not dealt with right away, but the cause of corrosion in your pipes can be challenging to determine. New England Pipe Restoration provides trenchless pipe lining in Boston, MA as an effective solution against pipe corrosion. Here are the main causes of corrosion on your pipe.

1.  Oxidation

Oxygen causes internal oxidation, which can damage your pipe. If the pH of the water passing through the pipe is low, it is likely to be over oxygenated. Your pipes will get damaged if they get exposed to high levels of oxygen and acidity. Corrosion will cause metals to deform, and impurities will get captured in your water. Consider hiring pipe lining companies if you have corroded pipes.

2.  Drain Cleaners

The overuse of chemical drain cleaners can cause corrosion and damage to your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners can help get rid of small and minor blockages in your pipes, but over time, the harsh chemicals that compose the product can corrode your pipes and cause a slew of problems. Instead of attempting to unclog the drain by yourself with store-bought drain cleaners, hire a professional. New England Pipe Restoration utilizes safe drain cleaning methods like drain snaking and hydro jetting. If your pipe is affected by corrosion, we may also check if cast iron pipe lining can still resolve the issue.

3.  Water Temperature

If your water circulates at a high temperature, your pipe is more likely to rust. This is common in homes with hot water heaters. Once you see the signs of a slightly corroded pipe, like puddles of water in the ground and leaks, get in touch with our local team’s experts for professional sewer pipe lining.

When in need of CIPP pipe lining or sewer pipe replacement, don’t hesitate to contact New England Pipe Restoration. We'll help you figure out the cause of the corrosion and provide you with the best possible solutions. Contact us today to explore our full range of services or to schedule an appointment.

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