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How Chemical Cleaners Damage Your Drains

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Chemical cleaners are often seen as an instant solution to the menace that is a clogged drain. They are available in nearly every store and come in various forms. However, they are toxic, corrosive, and detrimental in the long run. New England Pipe Restoration discusses the many ways in which chemical cleaners are harmful.

Corrosion to Plumbing

Chemical cleaners use highly corrosive ingredients to dissolve the clog. Over time, they can damage your plumbing, causing leakage and flooding. Avoid using chemical cleaners when dealing with clogged drains. Schedule professional drain cleaning in Boston, MA, instead.

Damage to the Septic Microbiota

The septic system relies on the microbiota to break down the scum and the sludge into gasses like methane. The breakdown keeps the waste low, enabling the septic system to serve you longer. Chemical cleaners are harmful to this microbiota. In large quantities, they harm the bacteria, either killing them or intercepting their activities.

Effects on the Environment

Chemical cleaners can contaminate the water that seeps into the ground. The chemical-laced water affects the soil. Plants in affected areas also suffer stunted growth or death. A drain cleaning company can provide you with much safer and more effective solutions to clogged drains.

Health Risks

The toxic chemicals release fumes that can cause burns to the skin and eyes, and affect the respiratory system. Rather than risk you and your family’s health, turn to a professional drain cleaning company for drain snaking instead.

Despite all the risks, chemical cleaners do not offer a long-term solution to your clogged drains. The blockage can recur at any time, which would require more chemicals and lead to more expenses. For lasting and effective solutions, get in touch with New England Pipe Restoration for professional drain cleaning services.

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