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Don’t Touch Your Lawn: Trenchless Pipe Repair

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Despite being available to residential homeowners for the past 10 to 15 years, most homeowners in the United States have never heard of a revolutionary method of pipe repair. A recent Angie’s List poll found that 78% of Americans have never heard of this method. Yet once they heard about it, 73% of them claim they would pay more for this method since it’s considerably less destructive and just as effective as traditional pipe repair methods. What is it, exactly, and why is it so revolutionary?

Trenchless pipe repair uses, rather than replaces, existing sewage pipes when doing repair work. How? Trenchless pipe replacement makes use of an epoxy pipe lining: something that is flexible, jointless, and can fit through even the tiniest of pipes. Trenchless sewer repair is unique in pipe replacement services; instead of replacing busted pipes outright by digging large trenches in one’s lawn, it uses existing pipes as a guide for the new pipes. Epoxy pipes are led through the existing pipes via a simple incision in one’s house or lawn. The new pipe is then expanded and effectively serves as the new pipe.

This method is very popular with homeowners that do not want to see their lawns, patios, and decks razed in order to reach broken sewage pipes. Homeowners spend tens of thousands of dollars maintaining their lawns and hardscaping projects. The conventional method of repairing pipes requires these installations and landscaping work to be destroyed. Homeowners who use this method often have to spend thousands more on restoration work after the pipes are replaced — and may need to wait months for grass and plants to grow back. Trenchless pipe replacement ensures that a home’s lawn remains intact. The method is more or less a godsend for homeowners who want to leave their lawns alone.

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