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Common Sewer Issues During Winter

Trenchless pipe lining in Boston, MA

The cold temperatures of the winter months can bring on a whole new set of sewer problems. While no homeowner wants to deal with sewer issues at any time of the year, you can rest assured that New England Pipe Restoration is here to help with any trenchless pipe repair in Newton, MA.

Tree Roots

Tree root invasion is not a problem that only occurs during the spring. In fact, trees will dig deeper in search of water during the colder times of the year. This makes your pipes quite vulnerable. Our trenchless sewer repair can restore your pipes to their original function if you experience a root invasion.

Sewer Odors Worsen

Downdrafts are caused by the colder winter temperatures. This makes the foul odors associated with the sewer more noticeable. A frozen septic tank will also increase odors. You can count on our inspection and trenchless sewer replacement services to eliminate those odors.

Frozen Sewer Vents

If your sewer vents freeze, the sewer gas ca; backup into your home. This creates a dangerous environment that is harmful to your health. You and your family might experience nausea, headaches, dizziness, and drowsiness. Don’t allow this problem to go untreated.

Frozen Pipes

Once the water inside of your pipes freezes, it expands. This causes pressure on the walls of the pipes. If this pressure continues to build, it can burst the pipe. Our trenchless pipe replacement can remedy this problem quickly and efficiently so that your sewer pipe system can continue to serve you well.

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Call New England Pipe Restoration for all of your trenchless pipe lining and sewer repair needs. When the affects of winter cause problems within your sewer system, we can help. Our skilled and knowledgeable technicians can diagnose your sewer issues and recommend the best way to repair the problem.

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