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3 Reasons Why a Drain Camera Inspection is So Important For Drain Cleaning

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Digital imaging is used for just about everything these days, from medical applications to military strategy to plumbing. Yes, you read that right — plumbing! Thanks to advanced digital technology, plumbers can now use small, waterproof, full color cameras to inspect the drain lines in your home or office. And while this may seem like an excessive use of technology — after all, we got along just fine with our plumbing before the advent of drain cameras, didn’t we? — it’s actually an incredibly diagnostic tool that has become practically indispensable for proper drain cleaning.

A drain camera is nothing more than a tiny camera attached to a flexible rod. It fits down almost any drain and, thanks to its flexibility, can travel the curves and bends of the line. A plumber can then see what the camera is observing on a mobile device or screen — he or she can actually see what’s in your drain line.

If you’re looking to hire a plumber for drain cleaning in Waltham, MA, you’ll want to find one who utilizes this valuable imaging device. Here are three reasons why a drain camera inspection is so important for drain cleaning.

1. It pinpoints the exact nature and location of problem spots.

How far down is that clog? It’s sometimes hard to say. Are the pipes collecting a debris buildup that will soon turn into a clog? Again, you usually don’t know until that buildup has turned into a formidable obstruction. But when you use a drain camera, you’ll know the exact answers to those questions. It provides valuable information that your plumber can use to then conduct a thorough drain cleaning. There’s no guessing or speculating — with a drain camera, you know for sure.

2. It can spot small problems before they become big ones.

Quick: how old are your home’s drain pipes? The truth is, many of us just don’t know, and pipes don’t last forever. You may not have any drain line leaks right now, but material corrosion or other minor issues now can lead to leaks and breaks down the road. With a drain camera inspection, you can spot these issues early and have some time to make the right decisions to keep your drain lines in good working order.

3. You might find some surprises.

Over time, all sorts of things get washed down drains: small coins, diamond earrings, and who knows what else? Often, these items don’t wash all the way down to a sewer line or a septic tank; instead, they just end up lodged in a pipe for all eternity. Well, unless you can actually see them in the line and retrieve them, which is exactly what a drain camera allows you to do. Not only will a drain camera inspection leave you with wonderfully clean drain lines, but it could leave you with some unexpected treasure as well.

See & Clean

Regular drain cleaning is important to keep your plumbing in good working order and to prevent more severe damage caused by drain line leaks. If you want it done right, you really need a drain camera to see exactly what’s in your lines. Be sure to ask your Waltham, MA plumber if he or she uses a drain camera to inspect drains before cleaning. It’s a perfectly practical use of technology; it takes the latest advancements in imaging and uses them to keep homes and workplaces comfortable and safe.

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