Sewer Lateral Lining Repair in Boston

Sewer lateral lining repair in Boston isn’t the most exciting job, nor is it the most pleasant. But somebody’s gotta do it. Sewer lateral lining is the system of pipes that transports your sewage waste to the local sewage system. It is often installed underground in a lateral direction. We may not always think about it but sewer lining provide a vital service for one’s household. Without it, where would our sewage go? Nowhere good, that’s for sure!

Sewer lining is notoriously difficult to install because the pipes almost always have to be embedded deep underground. Installation is one thing; maintaining the pipes — i.e. preventing rust and damage from the soil — is something entirely different. Lateral sewage lining are naturally prone to damage. One clog, dent, or leak can lead to seriously problems with one’s drainage system. Even tree roots are a concern. Their roots are long and powerful and are known to disrupt sewage pipes. There are even cases of roots (over time) breaking into the pipes!

Still, some homeowners are hesitant to repair their sewer lateral systems because until recently, repairs meant digging large trenches in one’s front or back yard (sometimes both), which, needless to say, caused considerable damage and requires even more repair work. However, new methods have been developed over the past 15 years that make trench digging unnecessary. Trenchless pipe repair uses existing pipe to draw in the new one. Instead of a large trench, two holes are dug to draw the new line in. As a result, the ground above the pipes remains intact.

There are other methods for lining repair, of course, and they’re all done by professional lining services. Professional sewage companies know just what to do when repairs are needed. The have the skills, knowledge, and equipment needed to get the job done efficiently and quickly.