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Why Sewer Inspection for Older Homes Is a Must

drain cleaning in Newton, MA

Your home’s sewer system plays an integral role in maintaining your home’s comfort. Because of this, it’s important to keep your sewers in great working condition. One way to do so is through regular inspections and maintenance. If you live in an old home and are unsure of the last time your sewer system was inspected, New England Pipe Restoration recommends scheduling sewer camera inspection services in Newton, MA for the following reasons:

What does a sewer inspection entail?

An advanced sewer complication could pump water or raw sewage into your home, robbing your peace of mind. That’s why a sewer service demands thorough pipe inspection procedures to accurately identify the root cause of the sewer situation.

A sewer inspector will facilitate plumbing inspection to ensure that no clogged pipes are contributing to sewer backups. This is because there are instances when your old home’s piping system experiences blockage due to debris and could lead to unwanted sewer backups.

Please note that drain inspection is paramount when examining a sewer system. A flawed drainage system is a chief culprit to most sewer problems. There is a connection between a clogged drainage system and a clogged sewer line. Therefore, a clogged sewer line will continually clog the drainage system, promoting sewer backups in the house.

What are the benefits of a sewer inspection?

A professional sewer inspection can help determine whether your pipes demand replacement, repair, or just cleaning maintenance. Here are a few of the benefits of inspecting your old home’s sewer system regularly. 

  • Ensures accurate information regarding the sewer system’s overall condition
  • Helps in home planning
  • Avoids sewer backups and other extensive sewer issues
  • Saves you money

Keep your sewer system in excellent condition and schedule an inspection with New England Pipe Restoration today. Call us or fill out the online form to reach out to our team.

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