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Trenchless Pipe Repair: An Environmentally Friendly Solution

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Trenchless technology allows technicians to repair and replace pipes located underground without digging an open trench. It also helps experts avoid getting rid of foundation walls or flooring. The method is cost-effective and can repair pipes and sewers without affecting the environment. At New England Pipe Restoration, we offer trenchless pipe repair in Newton, MA, an environmentally friendly way to fix pipes due to the following reasons.

No Digging

With trenchless technology, our team can carefully inspect your pipes without having to dig up trenches that expose the land to hazardous waste. We use sewer cameras to locate the precise issue with your pipes. Depending on the issue, our technicians may recommend trenchless pipe replacement or repair.

Allows for Recycling and Reusing

Trenchless pipe lining benefits the environment because the technology allows for the recycling and reusing of pipes. Our team uses trenchless technology to repair and replace the pipes from the inside without disposing of a damaged pipe with a solid frame. The method does not destroy trees that might be in the way of your sewer line, unlike the traditional pipe replacement method.

It Is Safe

Trenchless sewer replacement is safer for our technicians as they avoid the possible risks of handling sewage. The safety it offers makes the technique a fast and effective way to a sewer line replacement.

Less Damage

Trenchless technology reduces the damage caused by traditional pipe repair and replacement methods. It reduces the risks of destroying other pipes such as the water and gas lines. The chances of causing raw sewage leaks or exposing the environment to chemicals also reduce significantly.

Trenchless techniques are an effective way of ensuring pipe repairs and replacements can be done safely and effectively. At New England Pipe Restoration, we offer reliable trenchless sewer repair services. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help with your pipe issues. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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