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Why Summer Is the Perfect Time for Sewer Inspections

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Most people make the mistake of using the drains and garbage disposal like a trash can, throwing anything from leftover food to grease and oil down the drain. Over time, these items can accumulate and cause your drain to clog, leading to slow drainage or water backups. 

Sewer inspections help you stay ahead of the problem and avoid extensive sewer repair services. At New England Pipe Restoration, we offer sewer camera inspection services in Arlington, MA/ We recommend scheduling one this summer for the following reasons:

Locating and Inspecting Sewer Lines Is Easier

During spring and winter, the heavy downpours and thick snow can make it difficult for our technicians to locate your pipes for drain inspection. If the ground is frozen, digging to the lateral lines may be difficult, making it necessary for you to wait until the snow melts. During summer, the ground is dry, and this makes locating the sewer system easy and digging down the sewer lines possible.

It's Cheaper 

During summer, the contractor does not require specialized equipment to thaw the ground or dig up your sewer lines. Carrying out maintenance during the winter would also require more hours of work that the contractor will charge you for. Sewer inspection conducted during the summer is comparatively cheaper as it takes a shorter time and no special equipment is required.

High Usage of the Drainage

Summer involves a lot of friends and barbecues. There is, therefore, a significant increase in water usage as the number of people in a household increases. The increase in water usage may result in a strain on your sewer lines and cause water backups. Conducting a plumbing inspection and maintenance prior allows you to prepare for the strain caused by summer activities.

Carrying out maintenance and pipe inspection over the summer may save you a lot of costs in repair. These inspections help you diagnose problems early before they eventually cause severe damage. Contact New England Pipe Restoration today for all your sewer-related needs.

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