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Why is a Sewer Inspection Crucial Before Buying a Home?

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When inspecting a home before purchase, people dig into every detail of the property, checking the condition of every faucet, element, and feature. Sadly, fewer people take the time to get their sewer systems inspected. Sewer camera inspection services in Arlington, MA before a home purchase is advantageous, and here are reasons to get an expert at New England Pipe Restoration to inspect your home.

Pipe Inspection Uncovers Sneaky Roots

As they undergo the normal growth phases, big tree roots penetrate deep into sewer lines, over-pressuring and breaking the pipes. These often happen in older homes where trees have grown close to the pipe and sewer lines. Scheduled professional drain inspection uncovers these sneaky roots, allowing the professionals to resolve any underlying breakages and clogging while preventing impending structural damages.

Restore Damaged Old Pipes

Sewer pipes manufactured over twenty years ago are made with cast iron and clay materials that are more prone to deterioration. Modern pipes feature thick and durable PVC materials that are less susceptible to damage. A sewer inspection allows the detection of old and damaged pipes, which ensures the specialist can repair and restore them before you move in.

Cut Repair Costs

One mistake you can make while moving into your new home is to assume that all pipe damages are physical. Waiting until your pipes burst or you experience backups to hire a professional to inspect and restore damaged pipes will cost you immensely. Through plumbing inspection, there is a guarantee of early diagnosis of damages, preventing the possibility of you having to replace the pipes, refinish basement systems, and other costly repairs.

Before moving into your new home, contact New England Pipe Restoration for a professional pipe inspection. Our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough inspection and repair or replace any damaged pipes.

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