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When is CIPP Lining Necessary?

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CIPP lining is a new solution to restoring cracked, broken, failed, and leaking pipes. This technology that does not require digging involves using a liner to make a new pipe within an old one, which makes it a highly effective and popular repair method. So, if you’re looking for trenchless pipe lining in Boston, MA, you are in the right place. But how do you know that you need CIPP lining? New England Pipe Restoration discusses more below:

Age-Related Damage

CIPP lining is suitable for older cast iron pipe lining. Over time, the pipes can become weak and develop cracks due to wear and tear and corrosion. Their joints can also weaken or loosen, causing leaks. So long as the pipe is stable, CIPP lining can be a cost-effective method for dealing with age-related damage and extending the usability of older pipes.

Constant Clogs

Clogs that persist even after drain snaking and result in backups can be resolved with CIPP pipe lining. Usually, we assess the affected pipe using a sewer camera inspection to identify where and what the problem is and if pipe lining is a possible remedy.

Tree Root Invasions

Another thing that necessitates using CIPP lining is an invasion of tree roots in your pipes. When roots invade your pipes, they develop minor fractures or cracks. When this happens, the affected pipe is strong, and the damage is only concentrated in a small area; sewer pipe lining may be suggested.

When your sewer line is damaged, sewer repair is the next course of action. But, for most Boston property owners, pipe digging is not something they look forward to. With conventional sewer pipe and line repair, it’s possible that the landscaping, grass, and other features in your yard will be destroyed. As one of the leading pipe lining companies in the area, you can count on New England Pipe Restoration to provide you with the best solutions for your sewer needs.

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