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What You Can Expect During a Sewer Camera Inspection?

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Sewer camera inspection services in Boston, MA allow our experts to locate your specific drain or sewer pipe problems and fix them correctly without having to dig up your yard for an inspection. Sewer inspections are often necessary when you have a hidden plumbing leak or are moving into a new home. If you have a camera inspection scheduled and are wondering what you can expect, New England Pipe Restoration discusses more below:;

A Thorough Look Inside Your Pipes

During our drain inspection in Boston, MA, we move a camera through your sewer line in order to see exactly what is happening inside of the pipes. This camera moves along while it is attached to a cable that we feed into the drain pipe from one single access point. The images are viewed on a monitor where we get a non-invasive, up close look that wouldn’t be possible with older techniques.

An Accurate Diagnoses and Proper Repairs

Our plumbing inspection in Boston, MA gives us an accurate view of the issues found inside of your pipes so that we can correctly diagnose the problem. When we know exactly what the problem is, we can determine the proper repairs necessary to fix everything right the first time around. 

No Mess or Needless Headaches

Having a sewer inspection in Boston, MA once meant having your lawn dug up so that a plumber could locate and see what the cause of the problem is. Our trenchless technique allows us to do our job without disturbing your landscaping. With no digging, your repairs are completed in a shorter amount of time.

Contact us today to take advantage of our pipe inspection in Boston, MA. Our technicians here at New England Pipe Restoration want to make sure they find the exact source of your plumbing issues so that we can fix your problems promptly and efficiently.

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