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What We Check During A Sewer Inspection

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When it comes to your plumbing, all sorts of damage can lurk on the inside of your pipes where you can't see. With time, pipes develop all manner of issues from blockage build-ups and clogs to corrosion and fissures in the pipes themselves. At New England Pipe Restoration, we provide thorough sewer camera inspection in Newton, MA, to pinpoint which issues affect your pipes so we can employ the best methods for repairing them.

Clogs & Backups

Clogs are a common problem that can lead to issues as small as lower than average water pressure or as big as flooding in your home. Daily waste such as grease, soap, food particles, toilet paper, and anything else that goes down your drains and into your pipes can build up to create a blockage that's hard to remove. Our pipe inspection in Newton, MA, is reliable in finding out just how bad your blockage is, letting us know the best bet on what kind of equipment we can use to remove it.

Leaks & Cracks

Pipes will corrode as the years go by. Acids from foods and beverages can break down the inner linings of your pipes, rust can build up, and once your pipes can't handle it anymore, they may crack, causing leaks that can cause even further damage. Our drain inspection in Newton, MA, is thorough enough to catch pinhole leaks even the smallest of cracks thanks to our high-definition micro-camera. We'll catch the issue while it's small so you won't end up with pipes that burst or collapse from neglect.

Tree Root Invasion

Plant roots are always in search of water, and when the roots of trees or shrubbery manage to find your plumbing, they'll stop at nothing to breach those pipes. Because root invasion is a silent attack, you won't know whats going on beneath the surface until it's too late. With our plumbing inspection in Newton, MA, our camera will catch live video footage of those pesky roots so that we can launch a counterattack to get them out of your pipes once and for all.

Dealing with hidden plumbing problems can be an impossible challenge to tackle on your own, which is why you should always call the professionals to take it on instead. At New England Pipe Restoration, our sewer inspection in Newton, MA, is only part of the quality plumbing services that we take satisfaction in providing our customers. We pride ourselves on being prompt and thorough, so if you require exceptional service that's less invasive than other traditional routes, contact us today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment

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