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What Sets Pipe Lining Apart?

NE Pipe – Serving all of New England

As an expert in trenchless pipe lining in Newton, MA, New England Pipe Restoration is equipped to handle a wide variety of pipe repair and rehabilitation projects. We believe that pipe lining is an excellent repair option that home and business owners alike should consider for several reasons.

Less Mess

Because little to no excavation is involved in the sewer pipe lining process, there’s little to no destruction of landscaping and other exterior features for the property owner to restore after the work is through. All repairs are performed within the footprint of the existing pipe, and almost no debris or waste is generated.

Less Time and Effort

Another benefit of CIPP pipe lining is that it can usually be completed in a fraction of the time that it takes to repair or replace a pipeline using more traditional methods. Only a few pieces of easy-to-manage equipment are needed, and the work can be carried out quickly by just a limited number of experienced personnel.

Less Expense

In most cases, the only hard expenses associated with pipe lining are the cost of the epoxy liner material and the cost of labor. Combining the economy of time, effort, and workload with the reduced need for materials and supplies adds up to a lower overall cost for most pipe lining projects. This alone serves to make cast iron pipe lining a popular choice for clients from all walks of life.

Call for an Estimate Today

New England Pipe Restoration is one of the most trusted pipe lining companies in the area. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll gladly evaluate your situation and go over all your pipe repair options with you at your earliest convenience.

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