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Wash Your Water Pipe Repair Worries Away

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Water pipe repair is a phrase that does not make the average person’s heart sing with joy. Just the thought of it makes many people recoil in horror, afraid of what they might find out or touch in the process. When they imagine digging through their walls, floor and even yard just to do a water pipe repair job, most people won’t even take the problem to a professional. The result is often quite problematic.

Yet there are pipe lining companies out there that have mastered the art of trenchless pipe lining — water pipe repair without digging up your property. Sounds too good to be true, right? Many would agree with you. About 78% of those polled claimed to have never heard of “no dig sewer technology,” yet 73% of consumers claim to be willing to pay more for sewer repair if it allowed them to preserve their patio and other outdoor features. Although trenchless sewer options can be more expensive, they offer thousands of dollars in savings when you consider the expense of all the digging that would otherwise be required. The demand is there, the product is there, so where is the realization that trenchless pipe replacement can really be easy and simple?

One of the most popular types of trenchless pipe replacement involves a method called cured in pipe placement, or CIPP. The way this works is as follows. A felt tube rendered resistant to leaks is pulled through the pipe into the damage section, and acts as a liner allowing the pipe to be used as normally. The CIPP liner is then sealed into the pipe using gasket sealing technology, and assessed via sewer camera inspection. No digging is involved in this method, making it a great example of trenchless sewer repair.

Trenchless pipe replacement is the new wave when it comes to drain cleaning service. If you agree, or have an opinion or comment you’d like to share, feel free to do so.

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