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New England Pipe Restoration is a leader in camera inspections in Boston. A routine video inspection is a must when you own a home or commercial building. It is not only smart, but you are most likely going to save yourself money in the future. There are many different sizes of pipes and we have cameras that will fit all types. Our licensed contractors will use these cameras to determine the condition of the pipes underground. There is just no other solution out there to truly see what is going on in your sewer. You could have a 2” or 4” pipe and the camera has a scope that runs down the line and videos the entire pipe.

A video camera inspection is sometimes known as a PIG ( pipeline inspection gauge). This is one of the most valuable and commonly used tools in the trenchless industry. These cameras are so high tech that they have a swiveling head that can actually video the pipe and its entirety. It is such a relief when you have a cd or usb in hand which gives you a detailed inspection of your underground sewer. You will need one eventually. Don’t put it off. Even if you think everything is fine, you may have a simple crack or small fracture and that could lead to big problems in your sewer.

In New England and the Boston area, NE Pipe can be your solution and save you future headache. The video technology is so efficient and can maneuver itself in the pipes to really take a look at the interior of the line. Our licensed contractors have been doing these inspections for 20 years or more. You can trust them and their experience. The camera is the only solution and instrument that can truly detect any issues you may have. Get your video inspection today!

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